Customer Stories

From the Farm

While peer-reviewed research and independent field trials confirm how well our microbial nitrogen performs, nothing matters more than how it works on the farm. Hear what farmers have to say about using Pivot Bio and how they’re using our products to grow more profitably, and sustainably.

Find Your Local Team

Connect with your local team to learn how Pivot Bio can be the foundation of your fertility program.

Growing Together

Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen provides consistent nutrition at every growth stage, maintaining crop productivity while also reducing nitrogen loss. Together with farmers, we’re forging a path to on-farm profitability and greater sustainability in agriculture.

From the Farm: Jamie Birch - Conrad, MT

Agronomist Jamie Birch helps farmers develop the right nitrogen plans for their acres with Pivot Bio.

From the Farm: Ryan Codr - Seward, NE

Nebraska farmer Ryan Codr utilizes Pivot Bio products to keep his land productive.

From the Farm: Mike Denton - Princeton, IL

Mike Denton shares how Pivot Bio products has solved some of the fertility issues on his 4th generation family farm.

From the Farm: Darren Grotz - York, NE

Nebraska farmer Darren Grotz shares the outcomes from using Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 On-Seed.

From the Farm: Travis Milne - Oregon, MO

Fifth-generation farmer Travis Milne uses Pivot Bio On-Seed products to reduce his fall-applied anhydrous fertilizer application.

From the Farm: Kevin Poppel - Madelia, MN

Kevin Poppel uses Pivot Bio products because they increase the ROI on his operation.

From the Farm: Chad Rubbelke - Des Lacs, ND

North Dakota farmer Chad Rubbelke discusses how Pivot Bio RETURN® makes his fertilizer applications simpler.

From the Farm: Jeff Stensland - Nevada, IA

Jeff Stensland shares the benefits he has seen on his farm after four years of using Pivot Bio products.

From the Farm: Dan Story - Great Falls, MT

Dan Story, an independent seed and fertilizer retailer, shares why he is excited about offering Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 products in his area.

From the Farm: Dane Whitley - Ness City, KS

Dane Whitley shares why Pivot Bio products give him peace of mind.

From the Farm: Increasing Biomass Quality for Silage

Stories from farmers on how Pivot Bio has helped increase biomass for silage on the farm.
Pivot Bio agronomist points out root structures to a Farmer in a corn field

How to Buy Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio has an extensive network of independent sales representatives working side-by-side with agronomists to ensure farmers get the most value from our products. Our nutrient measurement tools and direct-to-farmer supply chain support the dynamic crop planting timelines on every farm.

Our Technology

Learn how Pivot Bio is using science and technology to enable naturally occurring, nitrogen-fixing microbes to replace synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Opportunity

Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.