Using Pivot Bio

Product Stewardship

As with any input in your operation, knowing how to use Pivot Bio microbial fertilizer is key to ensuring efficacy and product performance. Our nitrogen-producing microbes work with your crop to deliver nitrogen throughout the growing season. Because microbes are living organisms, it’s important to handle the products as instructed — whether in-furrow or on-seed — and closely follow recommended guidance on delivery, storage and use.

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  • On-Demand Delivery

    Pivot Bio’s direct-to-grower supply chain ships when you are prepared to receive the order, adapting to your planting timelines.

  • Storage Simplified

    While requiring much less space, our fertilizers need a temperature-controlled dry storage environment with no exposure to direct sunlight and should remain sealed until planting.

  • Single Application

    Available on-seed or in-furrow, Pivot Bio products work within your existing operation, saving on extra equipment, passes, time and fuel.

Tank Mix Calculator

Use Pivot Bio’s Tank Mix Calculator to determine how much product to add to your liquid tank.

Tank Mix Compatibilities

Ensure optimal results and access detailed instructions on how to use Pivot Bio in your liquid tank.

Need Help?

Contact Customer Service & Sales at 1-877-451-1977 or send an email to

Caring for Your In-Furrow Planting Equipment

Proper equipment stewardship is key to your success. Take some time to watch Adam Holm explain everything from cleaning and winterizing your in-furrow equipment to proper calibration for the spring planting season.

Cleaning the Liquid System

Steps to properly clean your planter and liquid system.

Get Ready for Planting

Steps to make sure your planter and liquid system are ready to apply Pivot Bio product.

Calibrate Flow Meter

Make sure the numbers on the monitor are actually what is being applied into the field.

Requirements and Recommendations for Filters

Minimum requirements and recommendations for filters in key locations on your liquid system.

Troubleshoot Plugged Rows

Identify plugged rows and a few tool tips to help solve the problem.

Calculate How Much Pivot Bio Product to Add to Your Tank

Use Pivot Bio’s Tank Mix Calculator to determine the amount of product to add to your liquid tank.

Winterize Your Planter

Keep your pumps and lines safe as temperatures dip below freezing.
Tractor applying Pivot Bio product to the field

NLIGHTEN® Your Bottom Line

Pivot Bio’s NLIGHTEN® in-furrow tank system mounts on your existing planter to deliver the precise amount of microbial nitrogen, right at the root, on every acre. Through the NLIGHTEN® equipment reimbursement program, farmers can offset the cost of in-furrow equipment when they use PROVEN® 40 or RETURN®.

Pivot Bio On-Seed

Pivot Bio On-Seed product being applied to tank

    On-Seed Product Stewardship

    The microbes in Pivot Bio On-Seed products are living organisms. To ensure the most successful outcomes, closely follow product instructions and recommended guidance on delivery, storage and use.

    On Your Schedule

    Your Pivot Bio sales rep will work with you to schedule product delivery and on-seed nitrogen application, supporting your planting timing.

    Simply Safer

    Extensive evaluation of microbial safety and product performance testing demonstrate that our on-seed products are safe for the seed, user and environment.

Product Information

Product Labels

Product information including directions for use, storage and handling, disposal, and active ingredients.

  • PROVEN® 40 On-Seed Product Label

  • PROVEN® 40 In-Furrow Product Label

  • RETURN® On-Seed Product Label

  • RETURN® In-Furrow Product Label

Safety Data Sheets

Guidelines on the properties, protective measures, and safety precautions for Pivot Bio products.

  • PROVEN® 40 On-Seed Safety Data Sheet

  • PROVEN® 40 In-Furrow Safety Data Sheet

  • RETURN® On-Seed Safety Data Sheet

  • RETURN® In-Furrow Safety Data Sheet

Approval To Sell

Approval to sell or registration status of all Pivot Bio products in the United States.

Table that indicates approval to sell or registration status of Pivot Bio products in the United States.