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Pivot Bio is the world’s leading nitrogen innovator. In “Our Take,” we share insights from Pivot Bio scientists and experts across academia and agriculture to educate how our biologicals deliver critical nutrition to the world’s most important crops and offer a sustainable replacement for traditional fertilizer.

Our Take

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    Evaluating Microbial N
    Importance of Structured Trials
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    Pivot Bio Impact on Nitrate Leaching
    ISU Research Findings
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    PROVEN® 40 Impact on Nutrient Uptake & Yield
    NC State Research Findings
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    Decoding the Data
    2023 Beck's PFR
  • Multi-Year In-Plant Nitrogen Study
    Pivot Bio is committed to demonstrating the performance of Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 through the largest multi-year in-plant nitrogen study.
  • Harness the power of nature: How PROVEN 40 delivers a better source of nitrogen for plants and the planet
    A summary of the nontransgenic gene-editing methods performed by Pivot Bio researchers that effectively remove the nitrogen-sensing capabilities in diazotrophic bacteria to enable the strains to continue performing biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) even in environments where soil nitrogen is abundant.
  • RETURN® OS Report 2023
    Pivot Bio collaborated with 15 spring wheat growers to set up demonstration sites at 20 locations in Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Washington during the 2023 growing season.
  • 2023 Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 Efficacy Trial
    During a comprehensive on-farm study evaluating Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 effects on no-till corn following a cereal rye cover crop, researchers at the University of Kentucky observed notable grain yield and plant health benefits.
  • PROVEN® 40 Silage Report 2022-2023
    In an extensive study involving over 30 operations with more than 90 studies throughout the 2022 and 2023 growing seasons, silage treated with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 produced 4.2% more tonnage per acre while maintaining nutrition quality.
  • Arkansas 2023 Local Performance Results
    During the 2023 growing season, Pivot Bio measured product performance in fields across Arkansas.

Agronomy First

Cutting-edge science in agriculture only succeeds when it works for farmers. Together, our scientists and agronomists focus on creating products that perform in the field, are compatible with current practices and increase ROI — taking the guesswork out of nitrogen management and giving control back to farmers.

Pivot Bio Agronomist Using a Drone in a Corn Field
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University Collaborators

Innovation requires collaboration. Pivot Bio partners closely with leading university agriculture programs to conduct structured trials to demonstrate how our breakthrough technology maintains or improves yield. The goal? To prove Pivot Bio’s products help growers achieve greater profitability, predictability and sustainability.

Product performance varies and depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, weather, soil, and other farming conditions. 
Individual results may vary.

Learn About Our Products

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    For Corn

    Reduce synthetic nitrogen and boost corn biomass and yield with PROVEN® 40 and PROVEN® 40 On-Seed.

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    For Corn Silage

    PROVEN® 40 ensures more tonnage per acre while providing predictable digestible nutrients, starch and protein levels.

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    For Wheat

    Boost spring and winter wheat biomass and grain yield while reducing synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio RETURN® and RETURN® On-Seed.

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    For Small Grains

    Deliver steady nutrition to sorghum, barley, millet, oats and sunflower, regardless of weather, with RETURN® and RETURN® On-Seed.