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Your local Pivot Bio team collaborates with farmers in your region to optimize their crop nutrition through advanced nitrogen solutions, partnering closely with agronomists and independent reps. Together, we ensure that our innovative products are utilized effectively to enhance productivity and maximize the potential of every acre.

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Pivot Bio is the leading innovator in crop nutrition, using cutting-edge science to develop microbial nitrogen that can replace a portion of traditional fertilizer and reduce nitrogen pollution - without sacrificing crop productivity. Inspired by nature and driven by science, we’re restoring natural biological nitrogen fixation.

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    Farmers work directly with their sales representative to purchase Pivot Bio products and schedule product delivery to meet their specific planting timelines.

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    Apply at Planting

    Available on-seed or in-furrow, Pivot Bio products integrate seamlessly with your preferred planting practices.

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    Deliver Plant Nutrition

    Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen adheres to the plant’s root, continuously fixing atmospheric nitrogen into plant-ready ammonia.

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    Achieve Productivity Goals

    Our purpose-built microbes stay put at the root throughout the growing season, providing steady nitrogen and maintaining productivity, regardless of weather.

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Pivot Bio is solving one of farming’s biggest challenges, delivering nutrient management that is more predictable, productive and sustainable. Become an independent Pivot Bio representative, differentiate your business and grow with us.