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We are Stronger Together

To solve the biggest challenges facing modern agriculture, we need farmers, scientists, agronomists, investors and corporate partners working together to transform ideas into solutions. We are committed to establishing partnerships that will allow us to use our revolutionary technologies to drive sustainability at scale across agriculture.

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Together, we will work toward maximizing the productivity of our farms by providing modern fertility solutions.

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    Put Farmers First

    Farmers are our inspiration and our partners. We listen to them, seek out their expertise, and focus on delivering the profitable, productive, safe and sustainable solutions they want and need.

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    Protect the Environment

    Our microbial nitrogen does not leach and does not contribute to nitrous oxide pollution, protecting air and water quality. Our manufacturing process produces 98% fewer emissions and uses 1,000 times less water than traditional nitrogen fertilizer.

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    Work with Nature

    Pivot Bio’s technology meets the demand for nitrogen consistency and dependability by enabling microbes to convert atmospheric nitrogen and deliver it to crops, providing a source of nitrogen throughout the growing season.

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Growing Together
Growing Together

As a groundbreaking innovator in the ag industry, Pivot Bio relies on the knowledge, insights and experience of other ag leaders to push us to do better. Through these industry partnerships, we learn about the issues farmers care most about and how best to support them, both in the field and on their balance sheets.

We support key industry trade groups that advocate for farmers and agriculture on policy and regulations. We focus on education and funding initiatives to help farmers optimize crop production — working with ag industry partners to promote solutions in the fertilizer space that allow us all to grow better together.

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Reducing Emissions in the Corn Value Chain

Pivot Bio’s N-OVATOR™ program rewards farmers for incorporating Pivot Bio microbial nitrogen into their crop nutrition plans. We do this by connecting farmers with companies looking to achieve Scope 3 emissions reduction targets through the sale of verified nitrogen credits and/or sustainably produced grains. N-OVATOR is a scalable solution, providing immediate and permanent reductions each year on millions of acres.

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Finding Solutions, Together

We are committed to research partnerships that transparently measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our products. We collaborate with multiple universities to conduct structured trials that spur innovation and consistently evolve our product line to fit the needs of farmers across the country.

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio is dedicated to supporting farmers with products that optimize crop production through specifically timed and placed nitrogen delivery. Together, we are working toward a future that is more efficient, profitable, predictable, safe and sustainable for farmers and the planet.

A Better Nitrogen

When farmers replace a portion of their traditional nitrogen with Pivot Bio’s more predictable microbial nitrogen, they help preserve our soil, air and water for the next generation of farmers.

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